Peer Mediation
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       Whatis Peer Mediation?

WHAT:   Peer Mediation is an innovative interventionapproach for handling conflicts in schools using trained student “peers” tomediate conflicts for other students or faculty. 


WHO:   Through training, staff and studentslearn specific skills in communication, dispute resolution, problem solving,and socialization.  Campuses will formteams of mediators who will be called upon to mediate for students or facultyin need of resolutions. Each team is managed by a campus coordinator:  UHS coordinator is Suzanne Hamilton


WHERE: Mediationstake place behind closed doors in a private, secure setting.  Usually the school conference room.


WHENMediations usually take place within24 – 48 of the request being submitted by a student or faculty member.Mediators and disputants will be pulled from non-core classes to participate.Campus coordinator will manage this schedule and alert students and their teacherto mediation times.


WHY:  Conflicts are part of our dailylives, on campus and off campus. Conflicts take place between students as well as between students andfaculty (teachers, coaches, assistant principals, law enforcement etc…)Sometimes our young adults do not have the skill sets to resolve theseconflicts and they escalate into physical altercations, hurtful bullying,harassing, or class disruptions. The option of peer mediation gives youngadults the opportunity to “talk it out” in a safe, secure setting with otherpeers to come to a peaceful resolution while learning a new skill they can takeinto their adult lives.


What Peer Mediation is NOT?


PeerMediation is not always appropriate in all conflict situations.

  • Peer Mediation is NOT a tool to be used “spontaneously” when a conflict is occurring. Disputants are often too volatile to be mediated immediately after a conflict has occurred.  These types of conflicts should be handled by trained adult staff (i.e. Behavioral Specialist or Assistant Principals)


  • Peer Mediation is NOT a public event. It is important to remember that Peer mediation is an anonymous program.  Disputants should be given the opportunity to “anonymously” submit a request form for mediation.


  • Most importantly, Peer mediation is not an adult driven program.  It’s main concept is “Peers” helping “Peers”.