Project Link

Project Link at University High School

University High School houses two Project Link Liaisons who serve approximately 500 students in the 9th through 12th grades. The Project Link Liaisons at UHS guide and help students in developing the skills and aspirations that are critical in preparing them for college and their career.

How Project Link at UHS Works

Students are given the opportunity to experience a variety of college and career readiness activities that will help them in achieving their personal goals and dreams. Whether their future plans include going to college or entering into the workforce after high school, our students will receive the proper guidance to reach their personal goals. This is accomplished through one-on-one and group meetings that concentrate on the following things:

  • College Aspirations - Building and growing a college-going culture.
  • AcademicPlanning for College and Career Readiness - Challenging students to plan, prepare, participate, and complete academic courses offered in high school that align with their college and career goals. (PreAP, AP, Honors, Dual Credit, ACCELERATE, and Academy Programs)
  • Enrichment and Extracurricular Activities - Provide students with enrichment opportunities that build leadership, interest, and increased involvement within their high school and community. (Opportunities include community service, Project Link Student Lead, student organizations, and more.)
  • College and Career Exploration and Selection Process - Provide students with information and exposure to a wide verity of colleges and careers, so they may make informed decisions when selecting the college and career of their choice. (Opportunities include job shadowing, internships, work readiness, and college tours.)
  • College, Career and Interest Assessments – Provide students with the opportunity to participate, and explore their interests through personality, career, and interest assessments, and promote college readiness through test preparation activities. (Texas Genuine, SmarterMeasures, O*Net Career Assessment, TSI prep, SAT/ACT prep, and more)  
  • College Affordability and Financial Literacy – Provide students and their families with information regarding college costs, payment options, financial aid, scholarships, and repayment options and opportunities. (Opportunities include FAFSA/TASFA application assistance, scholarship and grant application assistance, FAFSA verification assistance, and information regarding college cost, payment, and repayment options.)
  • College and Career Admissions Process – Provide students and their families with college and career application, admission, and acceptance process for two-year, four-year, career and technical colleges. (Opportunities include application assistance, admission requirements, assistance with student records, and more.)
  • Transition from High School to College – Connect students to high school, college, and community resources that help them to overcome any barriers they may face, ensuring a smooth and successful transition from high school to college. (Opportunities include assistance with information regarding specific college deadlines, housing applications, orientation requirements, requests for disability services, and more.)

To learn more about Project Link at UHS, please contact Taylor Garner or Renee Jacinto at 254-756-1843.

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