UHS Visual Arts - Central Texas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Central Texas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Banquet & Contest
Posted on 10/26/2016
7 of our students entered pieces and we brought home the top prize, The People's Choice Award (won by Adam Aguilar(12th))!

Special thanks to Gloria Ledesma (11th) for being our Student Ambassador at the event and representing UHS!  She did an awesome job communicating with the banquet attendees and answering questions about our Art program and our school.

I have listed the participants.  Please find Photos here!

Lady Muerte, Salomon Torres, Grade 10, Graphite, 9” x 12”

Salomon Torres

Untitled, Adam Aguilar, Grade 12, Pen and Ink, 16” x 20”

Adam Aguilar

The Dead Will Live in Us, Gloria Ledesma, Grade 11, Watercolor, 11” x 15”

Gloria Ledesma

Night Paradise, Hannah Burris, Grade 9, Acrylic , 16” x 20”

Hannah Burris

Chrystal Dreamcatchers, Magnolia Oliphant, Grade 10, Pen and Ink, 7.5” x 22”

Magnolia Oliphant

The Girl of Dia De Los Muertos, Christa Patterson, Grade 10, Pen and Ink, 14” x 16.5”

Christa Patterson

Deathly Wise, Summer Montemayor, Grade 12, Oil Pastels, 22” x 28”

Summer Montemayor

Congrats Trojans, Great Work!!