Parents Helping Students

The purpose of teacher websites is to promote effective communication between campus and home — teacher and parent. There are many ways a teacher's website can enhance the learning experience for all involved. We hope that our teachers, students and parents utilize these websites to their full potential.

Use the Contact Me form on a teacher's website to communicate directly with a teacher. What you enter on the form goes directly to their email inbox.

Students, let your teachers know that you want them to use their websites. They like that kind of positive motivation. Parents, your input is also quite helpful. Ask teachers to post worksheets, exercises, reading assignments or whatever materials would help you help your child study at home. That's the key! Working together gives your child their greatest chance of success.

You can also see important dates on your teacher's classroom calendar. Let teachers know you appreciate getting a heads-up on upcoming tests or homework assignment due dates.

Teachers can also post photos to their website — but if you prefer your child's photo not be posted online, please complete the Parent Authorization form at Registration, or contact your child's teacher and let them know. We respect your privacy and a parent's right to make that choice.

We hope you will enjoy staying in touch online with your teachers. On campus visits can also be scheduled. Contact your teacher.